Friday, March 14, 2008

Double-Sided Cylinder Deadbolt Locks Provide Extra Security

When you have a side door with a window that has a single-sided deadbolt lock you are vulnerable. This is because anybody who wants to gain access can simply break the window with his hand and access the thumb-turn to unlock your door. The same goes for businesses! Most businesses would have a mortis on both sides, but some businesses only have a thumb-turn on the inside making a break-in fairly easy. Complete Locksmith always recommends to our clients who have windows on and or close to a door that has a single-sided deadbolt, to install a double-sided lock. Commercial clients should do the same. We can come to your business and replace the lower security grade inner thumb-turn mortis locks with a higher security grade regular mortis instead.

Any regular deadbolt should extend deeper into the strike plate than a standard knob bolt. It's recommended to have a deadbolt extend at least 1". The Longer the throw, the more difficult it is to gain entry by spreading the door frame. Regular deadbolts utilize a key to open the lock when entering from outside and open from the inside with a single action turn of a knob, thus preventing any entrapment in the event of an emergency. Burglars, however, can easily gain entry through a locked door, even with a deadbolt, by breaking the glass in a window, reaching in, and simply unlocking the door. Standard deadbolts are therefore only recommended for all solid exterior doors without any glass or mail slots within 36" of the lock. If glass panels must be closer, deadbolts can still be used if the glass is covered with a security film, which prevents breakage.

Another precaution businesses and home owners alike can use is to install a doorplate. Doorplates provide increased security and deter intruders by making forced entrances more difficult. For example, if a burglar were to take a crowbar and try to force your door open, the doorplate would hold fast and remain intact. Doorplates are inexpensive and installation usually isn't a time extensive process, although you'll want to take into consideration the composition of the door and factor in that variable when estimating amount of time that installing the doorplates will take you. Complete Locksmith can do this for you.

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